Flex Track

Don’t let the LSAT hold you back. Flex Track allows you to start law school without meeting our regular admission requirements.

We’re committed to making a legal education accessible and to further that mission, we offer a special program that allows students who do not meet the standards for our regular program to attend law school through Flex Track.

Flex Track students follow a set part-time schedule of classes in the evening or online for their first two semesters, and must pass the First-Year Law Students’ Exam (FYLSX or “Baby Bar”) prior to continuing in law school as a regular student. Flex Track classes are designed to give you a solid foundation in law school while preparing you for the FYLSX.

All required courses are offered either on campus or 100% online. You may select a hybrid schedule as well, with some classes online and others on campus.

Click here for a one-page document about Trinity’s JD Flex Track program.

What is the FYLSX?

The FYLSX is an exam offered by the State Bar of California that tests your knowledge of typical first-year law classes (Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law) through multiple-choice and essay questions. Additional information about the FYLSX is available at First-Year Law Students’ Examination.


First Semester: Torts 1 (online option available)
Second Semester: Torts 2 (online option available)

First Semester: Criminal Law
Second Semester: FYLSX Skills

First Semester: Contracts 1 (online option available)
Second Semester: Contracts 2 (online option available)

How To Apply

All applicants follow the same admission process, that is, they submit an application, letters of recommendation, transcripts, a personal statement, and LSAT score (if available). Applicants will first be considered for admission into the regular program, and those who do not meet the requirements for admission as a regular student (including those who do not have an LSAT score) will be considered for Flex Track automatically. Only those who demonstrate potential for success and dedication to hard work will be admitted.

Flex Track classes begin twice a year in Fall (August) and Spring (January). Apply for free by entering TRACK2 when prompted for a waiver/exemption code on our online application.


Tuition follows that of our regular program, which is $995/unit, plus $850 each semester, which covers the cost of FYLSX preparation materials, Law School Success Series workshops, Academic Support services (such as advising sessions and academic planning), FYLSX prep workshops, and student activities. The cost of the FYLSX is approximately $800 and is the student’s responsibility. Federal financial aid is available.

FYLSX Preparation

Trinity Law School has partnered with Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law, the leading provider of Baby Bar preparation materials and courses, Barbri, and AdaptiBar to ensure that Flex Track students are ready for the Baby Bar. The following materials, workshops, and services are included in the Flex Track fee ($800) that is paid each semester:

  • Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law Baby Bar Survival Kit
    • Baby Bar Review CDs
    • Legal Examination Writing Workshop CDs
    • Emanuel Bar Review Series-Strategies & Tactics for the FINZ Multistate Method
    • Emanuel Bar Review Series- Strategies & Tactics for the MBE2
    • Multistate Examination Workbook
    • Writing Workbook, Eleventh Edition
    • Baby Bar Examination Review Materials, Volumes 1 and 2
  • Skill-building Workshops presented by Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law
    • Two-day Legal Examination Writing Workshop
    • Four-day Baby Bar Review Course
  • Law School Success Series Workshops presented by Trinity Law School Academic Support
    • Outlining
    • Briefing
    • Exam Writing
    • Preparing for Finals
  • One-on-one advising sessions with assigned Academic Advisor
  • Academic planning services

Flex Track students may also enroll in AdaptiBar’s Online Baby Bar MBE Simulator and Prep course at a significant discount. Register for the course on AdaptiBar’s website by using TLS18 as the promo code to receive a $40 discount, then provide your receipt to Trinity’s business office and you will receive a reimbursement of $130. Should you have problems registering for the course, you can contact AdaptiBar’s customer support at 877-466-1250.

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