On Course

Take the Bar Exam with Confidence

The California Bar Exam is one of the most difficult in the country to pass. That’s why we offer On Course, a consistent, reliable support program that runs alongside your coursework and gives you the specific preparation you need to take the bar with confidence.

Trinity has partnered with the leading bar exam preparation companies to provide you with a comprehensive experience that begins at New Student Orientation. Kaplan, Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law, and BarBri will all play a part in the journey to your JD and your success on the bar exam. Best of all, the program is included in your tuition and fees which allows you to focus on your preparation without worrying about surprise costs.

Transition Into Law School

New Student Orientation covers fundamental law school skills and time management techniques

Academic counseling sessions with your assigned advisor throughout your first year

Succeed in Class

Additional counseling sessions with your academic advisor

BarBri Mastermind learning modules for bar-tested courses

Workshops on briefing, outlining, IRAC and essay writing, and exam skills

Sharpen Your Skills

Skills Diagnostic Assessment offered through Kaplan

Summer Bar Diagnostic Exam and Review through Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law

Bar Essay Writing Workshop offered through BarBri

Become Bar Ready

MBE workshops offered through BarBri

Performance Test workshops through Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law

Multi-day Simulated California Bar Exam offered through Kaplan

Early Bar Preparation Program with MBE questions from PMBR

Receive Additional Support

Alumni and students who are in their final semester can choose to enroll in the Early Bar Prep Program, an 8-week program that dives deeper into each bar-tested subject. Through EBPP, participants will complete an additional 1,100 MBE questions, 28 practice essay exams, and 4 performance tests beyond the prescribed On Course curriculum.


Contact Professor Joy Statler, Director of Academic Support and Clinical Programs, at jstatler@tiu.edu or 714-796-7173 for more information.

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